5 things you didn’t know about a calling tablet

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Voice calling in tablets makes a good sense to a lot of people a phones themselves getting bigger and bigger, jumping from six-inch phablet to a seven-inch tablet isn’t really that a big deal. And for more and more people its much more convenient to just manage a single device, instead of juggling between gadgets. That’s why you see plenty of people these days, who are using their tablets as phones.

Tablets have become an inseparable part of your device inventory, offering portability, productivity and entertainment mere on one package. But there are things that your tablet is powerful enough to pull off that you might not be aware of.

Lets begin : Calling Tablets

1. SkypeVoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol :

Voice calling feature automatically enables you to use internet on your portable devices like tablets. Which welcomes you to access your play store or any other app store to download some outrageously cool apps and one in the top of this  queue is Skype which is a VoIP based App. You can do free video calls using your tablet but first you just need to download and install skype app from your app store and then straight away you can start chatting with your partners.

2. Controlling your PC using your Tablet :

For those times on reaching to the keyboards and mouse was a job and just to find out what your mischievous friends was up to on your precious desktop we all have wish there was an easier way to control your PC. Thankfully if you want a tablet you can do just that you can choose from a variety of Apps on ios and Android our favourite is TeamViewer, you can Install the App Called “TeamViewer” (using Internet from your Internet service provider availing the services because of Calling features) on ios/Android by installing it on your mac/windows PC make sure you are on the same connection  and that your firewall is configured to allow access to the App and you are good to go wasn’t that simple?

3. Using your Tablet as a Second Display :

There are times when all of us  have wished that we have more real estate on our monitor with multiple tabs on chrome, music playing in the background, sometimes its just easier with second display, well your tablet can become that display be one though as this will cost you some money there are many Apps that claim to do this but we have the most success with apps like Air display, it functions painlessly and takes care of most of the settings on its own in the background, the process is simple install App on tablet, install drive on PC/mac, enter IP address and that’s it. Now enjoy as your Tablet shares the burden of your uncompromising need to watch two videos at once.

4. Tablet As a Security Monitor :

For those precious few seconds that you wonder out of your house or have to keep an eye on your pet while you are away from your home apps like eyesbyeffect and so on allow you to turn your tablet as a viewer for your security setup or even your webcam, it can monitor your home even when sipping coffee at your favourite restaurant.

5. Augmented Reality Apps :

Augmented reality apps have seen wide popularity and with good reason there is a certain charm to see something come alive even virtually using surrounding from your day to day life besides its just cool to set a selfie with unusual things like dianasaurus etc.

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