BroadedNet-How to Generate Blog Traffic instantly without SEO and SMO

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Before introducing you about the new way to generate blog traffic instantly without search engines and social media networking sites, i would like to tell you a small story about my backlink generating strategy.  You won’t believe how much time i used to give on my blog to get targeted traffic from search engines and also posting consistently on social media like twitter, google plus and facebook is an easy job but its very tiring and fetches more time than you are expecting i think you are nodding, although it happens with everyone of us. But eventually we all need Traffic or huge targeted Traffic. Today, I’m going to reveal a new proven way to drive Google friendly targeted traffic to your blog without assistance of search engines,social media platforms and community sites. This will start driving traffic instantly and you will witness big change in your site metrics.

BroadedNet makes it possible 100%!! let see What is BroadedNet ?

BroadedNet is Blog networking platform which is based on the concept of widget which helps you to drive traffic to your blog posts without social media and search engines. BroadedNet is well designed to solve its purpose to promote your blog and also it works well on all platforms like blogger or wordpress. It’s very simple and it can deliver huge traffic to the members icon smile BroadedNet Generate Traffic Without Social Media or Search Engine ! . BroadedNet works on Credit system and we want to give credits when some one clicked on our campaign link and we will get credit if someone clicked a link from our blog widget.


How BroadedNet works ?

BroadedNet based on the widget system, so what you have to do , Just sign up for a FREE account and start adding your articles to BroadedNet and instantly your posts will start showing up on other blogs in the network that have accepted to display articles in a certain category have displayed BroadedNet widget through which your traffic is generated. BroadedNet widget is available in WordPress and other platforms. the image given below clears everything better to you.


Above image illustrates everything about How your blog is getting targeted traffic and how you post are getting viral in one go. There is a WordPress widget in wordpress plugins tab that does all your work. All you need do is to install the widget from plugins tab, place it on your sidebar and choose an appropriate category according to your blog.

There will be posts from other networked blogs will also showing up on your widget where as your own posts will show up on their own blog widget.To create a networked of your blogs on BroadedNet,you need to submit your blog posts to be displayed by broadedNet on other blogs and its very helpful in personal campaigns too.

Apart from just submitting articles, you also can show a banner advertising by using your broadednet widget. It can be affiliate banners or your own products. you just need to submit a campaign either it is a banner or an article that you want to promote.

This widget is only available for WordPress and bloggers currently. Before writing this article i contacted the owner and creator of BroadedNet, 
Enstine Muki and confirmed to me that the non WordPress BroadedNet widget is under development and will soon be made available for everyone.

Membership and Credits Benefits

Once you sign up for an account (which is FREE!) you will automatically be rewarded with free 100 credits which is your arsenal for running campaigns on other blogs. Simply put, credits are used on BroadedNet to help you promote your blog posts or banners displayed by the BroadedNet widget on other people’s blogs. Each time your link is clicked on their blogs, they will earn credits in their BroadedNet account. These credits earned will help them to place their own content/banners so as to be promoted on other blogs.

You can increase your credits so as to increase your blog post promotion by ordering for credit on BroadedNet. When I signed up I was instantly given free 100 credits and I ordered for more credits to add to it to my account but for that you need to purchase those credits.

While creating a campaign, you will be required to enter a certain amount of credits to give away to members whose blogs generated the clicks on your blog posts. What this simply means is that each time your link is clicked on their blogs, they will earn credits in their BroadedNet account. Your blog posts will show randomly in specific categories on their blogs and will depend on how much credit you offer.


Everyone need to order for more credits because the more credits you offer to members, the more exposure and clicks you get on your blog posts or articles, the order starts from 5 credits.

How to get started with BroadedNet?

Step 1 : Register and signup for free on BroadedNet by providing your Name and Email Address. (You have to confirm your email address after registration) and You get instant 100 free credits.

Step 2 : Login to your account and Download the Broaded.Net Plugin on your WordPress blog (For Non WordPress users, use this widget generator).

Step 3 : Install this plugin on your blog. (Copy the Broaded API key from “My Account” page.)


The Widget will look like :


Step 4:  Create your campaigns! All you have to do is grab your article url and tittles. Add them to the BroadedNet database


BroadedNet-How to Generate Blog Traffic instantly without SEO and SMO

Final Verdict

BroadedNet is growing like an epidemic in our blogoshpere. Because its very easy to generate huge targeted traffic through this platform for everyone’s blog so no one would like to stay away from this for long time and that’s the success behind this platform.Are there other blog traffic methods you have used before now apart from the normal traffics coming search engines, social media and community sites? Please share your experiences with me in the comment box below.

BroadedNet is worth the trial. Go give it a shot and see how much traffic your blog gets! Must share this article review with others in social media and social bookmarking sites with your family,friends and collegues!

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  1. kevin

    Oct 28. 2014

    Hello Nitin,
    Nice to have stumble upon your blog and see you run BroadedNet as well. i have been using this service for sometime now and my traffic has been encouraging. Thanks for sharing such wonderful post for other bloggers to read and use this awesome service.

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  2. Nitin Mohan

    Oct 28. 2014

    Hi Kevin, thanks for your valuable comment . And we need to benefit others as well that’s what we have learnt :)
    Nitin Mohan recently posted…SEO in 10 Easy Steps – Short SEO GuideMy Profile

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  3. Md. Hamim Mondal

    Nov 05. 2014

    Hi Nitin,

    BroadedNet gets popular in quick session and now it gets just bigger and bigger . Till now using broadedNet I bring almost 400+ unique visitors to my blog. Even in autopilot mode we can bring targeted traffic using I’m going to share this post with my friends.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us. have a nice day Nitin Bro.


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    • Nitin Mohan

      Nov 06. 2014

      Hello Hamim , nice to see you thanks for the visit. Broadednet is growing faster as the number of its users are increasing day by day and installing the widget on their site through which they are also provided more credits by the admin

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  4. Adrienne

    Nov 05. 2014

    Hey Nitin,

    Great write up about BroadedNet.

    I’m using Enstine’s service so I’m sure that those who have not checked it out yet will love this review. I think that it’s something everyone should try out and give it a good chance at least. He’s always giving away credits so they can start with free ones and then if they are getting really good results then invest a little more into it. I think a lot of people are finding it’s really worth their time and money.

    Again, great review and thanks for sharing this platform with us.


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  5. cyberboy

    Feb 01. 2015

    Im looking for tutorials on where to get the api keys on Broadednet coz I want to put it on my blog and saw your blog on Google, thanks for this.

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  6. vineet kumar

    Apr 21. 2015

    Hello Nitin ,

    This article is very nice . And from this article i come to know about many things . I always read your blogs and always found them informative :) .

    Thanks for sharing . :)

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  7. Nitin Mohan

    Apr 21. 2015

    Keep it up Vineet read more and try to apply all the things as mentioned!
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