How to get Start button on windows 8 and 8.1

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For many years a start button has helped a lot of users almost in every work in Windows. Users can find anything from that Start Button. But in Recent, Microsoft released Windows 8 without a Start button. Windows 8 has been released with latest advanced features, but majority of the users can’t able to understand all those features. I can say almost all of them wanted the start button back to make Windows 8 simpler.

So, that’s why Microsoft introduced an Updated Windows 8.1 with a Start button, but still it is not exact as it was in previous versions of Windows. So, for those users who are missing that older start button which is very easy to use, we have decided to write a guide to install start button in windows 8 or 8.1 which will include step by step method. So, without wasting too much time, let’s start.

windows start button

How to install Older (Windows 7) Type Start Button in Windows 8

1. Firstly, open
2. Now, You will see a Download screen similar to screenshot given below.


3. Select any Download Option according to your Windows Version.

start is back

4. When Download File is complete, Run it and you will find two options there.

4.1 Install for me (which means install start button only for current signed in user).

4.2 Install for everyone (which means install start button for every user).

start button installation

5. Select second option (install for everyone).

6. Now, after it is installed, close the installer and restart your window. (Make it a habit to restart windows after installing any software).

windows start button configure

[box type=”note”]Note:- Don’t run installer while using any other program. Close all current programs and then, start installing this start button.[/box]

Important: - This is a trial version of start button. It will expire after 30 days. But you can Buy it if you want in very small amount of time. But if you don’t want to pay Money for a start button, then, I have other options for you. But remember you will not get an old type button, instead it will be a unique one.

There are  Two Options:-

  • Install third party Free Plugin
  • Create menu folder in task bar using a trick

Install Third party Free Plugin: -  There are many tools which can be used in windows 8 to get start button or some more features of old windows. Below is a list of all those tools.

  • Start 8: – It provides Free enhanced Start Button with favorite application pinning feature.
  • ViStart 8: – It is also a Free tool for start button and many other windows 7 features in Windows 8.

Trick to Create Menu Folder in the task bar: - This Menu will allow users to access all programs. So, follow the below given steps.

  • Firstly Enable Hidden Files ( My Computer>>View>>options>>show hidden files and folders)
  • Now go to Home and Right click on the Task Bar.
  • Now, click “toolbar”>>”New Toolbar”.
  • Go to c:\program data\Microsoft\windows
  • Now, click “start menu” and then, click “Select folder”.
  • You are done. Now, you will see a Start Menu Folder.

So, these are some ways to get start button back in Windows 8 and 8.1. I hope this helps. And hope you got answer of your question How to get Start button on windows 8 and 8.1 . To spread awareness to others with the solution please share this article to your family, friends and collegues as much as possible .

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