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Domain authority improvement : Here i come today with solutions regarding how to increase Domain Authority of your website or Blog . I have seen many bloggers finding ways to increase their website traffic and running behind traffic blindly either by following many illegal or legal ways but at the end , eventually they get tired and get nothing because they don’t know where they have to put their right efforts and also there is no shortcut to success .Very briefly first I would like to elaborate what is domain authority ? Domain Authority in abbreviated ( DA ) is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one out of many search engine ranking factors . Domain Authority ( DA ) is based on three major factors that are Age of Domain , Popularity of Domain and the Size of your Domain .

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Domain authority is based on a lot of factors . Primarily , however , there are link profile factors such as how many backward links are pointing to your website and how authoritative those sites are . It is very difficult to gain a DA of score 100 . Sites like Facebook and Google have it , so don’t be disappointed if you never hit 100 . DA is difficult to influence directly . You can’t change your DA score like you can change your meta tags .

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The search engines wants itself to provide their users with website results that can be trusted . New websites are popping up every day and many don’t last long for many reasons behind . Domain age is an indicator of trust because it proves to the search engines that the website has longevity . If the website owner has maintained registration of a website consistently and has generated an increase in traffic to that domain over time , the search engines conclude that it must serve a purpose and be a trusted source of information .

Domain popularity is measured in part by the number of inbound links from quality sites that a domain has . Inbound links to a domain are a signal that website has useful information that is worth sharing . This is why a white hat SEO link building campaign is so important . Tactics such as blogging and blog commenting , press release distribution , directory and profile submission , article marketing , and social media help to build inbound links to a domain and generate traffic over time . The size of a website on a domain contributes towards its authority because the number of pages that exists on a domain correlate with the amount of content that can generate inbound links . A larger website with quality content on each page will have more inbound links than a smaller website . Domain authority , or domain trust , is important because it will help new pages of content ( including blog posts ) get indexed more quickly and have a better chance of ranking prominently in the search results .

for newbies in short , if we perform any task to promote our website by doing SEO ( Search engine optimization ) Offpage or Onpage , SMO ( Social media optimization ) and SEM ( Search engine marketing ) directly or indirectly what we are doing ? all we are doing is making effort to increase our Domain Authority and many bloggers are unaware of it and they keep doing illegal activities which results in decreasing their domain authority .

Now where to check and How to check Domain Authority of Website ?

To check domain authority go to Open Site Explorer by and put your website link in the search box and you will get your DA .

We have the graphical representation of Domain authority in the form of InfoGraphics below which is the best way to represent any information . This infographic is being created by Rohit Palit from TechTage.

How to Increase Domain Authority of any Website- InfoGraphic
Through this infographic you will get answers of all these questions:-
1) How to increase Domain Authority of your Website ?
2) Ways of improving the domain authority of your site ? ( site structure , site-level optimization , onpage seo )
3) content
4) Social Media
5) Branding
6) Relationships
Increase domain authority infographic

domain authority infographic

I believe that this InfoGraphic helped you to improve your website and I assure you that I will come up with improved solutions related to your queries next time . To spread awareness to other bloggers with the topic please share this article to your family, friends and collegues as much as possible .

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