How to Tweet to Generate user engagement via InfoGraphic

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Twitter is a big Social Media & social Networking Site leading 7th rank globally having millions of users across the world . At the same time Twitter is very useful and helpful for internet marketers , Bloggers , Entrepreneur and for Public Relation (PR) companies to attract more users/people for engagement to their product which eventually leads to increase their Bands and Productivity and so on . We are discussing here about how to use twitter more effectively and what should be keep in mind before publishing a new tweet/post .

What is important to create social media engagement ?

The two most important thing to create social media engagements are to focusing on Social Media Optimization ( SMO ) and Social Media Marketing ( SMM ) in which you need to optimize your post for social media sites so that social sites can understand about your post and serves it to more and more users according to their interests . As today everyone knows that social media sites basically works and depends on the users interests and presents relevant information to their users as per user interests .

Specifically for Twitter i came up with very comprehensive and accurate tips for you to succeed in doing SMO and SMM for your post/tweet in Twitter to excel in your goals for branding , marketing and productivity for your own brand through an ultimate infographic “How to Tweet to Generate user engagement via InfoGraphic“/”Tweet structures to generate engagement” it includes strategies in tweet actions , influence people and try to get more people to listen to your own brand amoungst the other constant stream of information and contents and your post should also inculcate non recurring patterns in your tweets . This InfoGraphic shows you the ultimate formula to leave your  competitors behind .

8 tweet structures to generate engagement

 I believe that this “How to Tweet to Generate user engagement via InfoGraphic” helped you to improve your website and I assure you that I will come up with improved solutions related to your queries next time . To spread awareness to other bloggers with the topic please share this article to your family, friends and collegues as much as possible .

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7 Responses to “How to Tweet to Generate user engagement via InfoGraphic”

  1. Sunday

    Oct 07. 2014

    Hi Nitin,
    Its cool to be reminded of 8 tweet structures that can help us generate user engagments with Twitter. The details are clear and practicable. The wordings on the infographic are very clear. However, the message is clearly passed from the intro and titles of each structure.
    I have shared this comment in where this post shared.

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  2. Metz

    Oct 08. 2014

    I do agree with you. Social Media Optimization ( SMO ) and Social Media Marketing ( SMM ) are two important things we need to focus if we want to achieve a great engagement in Social Media.

    Infographics are revealing if the content of your craft has chunks, enticing information and takeaways, readers won’t resist to be glued for sure, and it could cause good like leaving your competitors lagging behind. Moreover, the one you have here is one good example to that.

    The last number “8: Interesting Tweet” plays a huge rule. It’s self-explanatory why.

    All in all, great post and great inforGraphic shared here. A must read! Thanks for this!

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  3. Ravi Chahar

    Oct 15. 2014

    Hi Nitin,

    Social media is very important to use for your blog.

    If you are a marketer then social media will boost up your marketing.

    If you are a blogger then it will help you to get more traffic at your blog.

    People should use social networking websites effectively.

    Thanks for the share.

    Have a nice day.:)

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Set Your Website On Maintenance Mode Using A Plugin?My Profile

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  4. Nitin Balodi

    Oct 15. 2014

    HI Nitin,

    Feeling like that I am talking to my ownself :D :D Thanks for the great post bro. Yes twitter is something that can’t be ignored at all. We have to work around on it to get visitors and engagement. Your inforgraphic is really helpful and I can use it to tweet in a better manner.

    Thanks for sharing the info with us.

    -Nitin Balodi -

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  5. Zeshan

    Mar 20. 2015

    twitter is great for getting visitor for website

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