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Post by: Nitin Mohan – An expert online entrepreneur and writer. I enjoy helping others find their most marketable skills and use them to create their own online business. Come explore more over at Nitin!

Blog Content: Why Does it Matter?

The content that you create is the bread and butter of your soon to be successful website. It hooks readers in, keeps them engaged, and all the while creates more pages that can be indexed by search engines. For someone who is new to  blogging, or maybe has not had much writing experience, I feel it is important to understand what actually makes a great blog post.

For this post, I have crafted a 3 step plan that is sure to take any boring blog and fill it with booming blog content!

Lets get started:


Get to Know Your Readers – From my experience, no information is more valuable than finding out what makes your readers tick. This gives us tremendous insight as to what we should write about. When drafting your next blog post, ask yourself “What problems do my readers have?” and “How can I solve them?”.

Now that we effectively understand our readers we can produce blog content that is extremely useful for them. Create a tutorial, list of tips, or valuable resource that solves one of their biggest problems. Don’t be generic. Think outside the box and solve their issues in a way no one else has been able to do. Adding value to our users that is easy to understand, fresh, and creative is a fantastic way to start your quest for addictive blog content!


Be Clear, Concise, and Conversational- Simplicity. It’s an often overlooked concept in the world of writing. Our readers do not want to waste any time when consuming content on the internet. They are on your page for one reason only, to get their information more quickly and efficiently than anywhere else. Let’s examine what I like to call: The 3 C’s of Simplicity:

  • Be Clear

Without talking down to your user, tailor your blog content to be easy to understand. Tell them exactly what they need to know and make sure to include any relevant information that may help solve their problem.

  • Be Concise

Ever find yourself half way through an article and wondering “When are they going to get to the point”? It is critical that we string our readers along by divulging more and more useful information as the post goes on. Our goal is to keep them engaged the whole way through. You will need to avoid getting sidetracked and going off on an unrelated tangent in your post. Essentially what I mean is, GET TO THE POINT!

  • Be Conversational

We aren’t writing a scientific thesis here! Our goal is to connect with our readers through this blog content. Make sure to maintain a conversational tone and keep things interesting. Trust me when I say this, nobody cares how many big words you know! Act as if you were explaining this concept to a good friend, and it should help you to stay more engaged and conversational throughout your post.


The Art of the Headline- A good headline can break computer mouses all around the world with the amount of clicks it generates! It is such an important aspect of writing their have been entire books devoted to it! After all, what good is your blog content if nobody wants to click on it? So how do we do it?

Well, it all comes down to being unique, creative, and specific to our readers needs. Take these two headlines for example:

How to Make a PBJ Sandwich


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Method that Changed Mom’s Lives!

Which one do you like better? Obviously the second one! As you can see it is a simple concept, but somehow we were able to make it sexy, unique and attention grabbing. Try to incorporate some of these headline techniques into your own posts!


I feel like you have what it takes to generate truly addictive blog content. Remember, practice makes perfect! Keep writing and good things are sure to come!

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  1. Vineet kumar

    Oct 20. 2014

    Hello Nitin,

    Thank you for all the valuable information. Sensible sounding tips i am surely going to try. Awesome article , i love all the ideas you have mentioned here.

    Good luck for your future posts.

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  2. Micheal

    Nov 12. 2014

    Writing the informative and unique content is a must to have. Whether you are going to write the content to promote your business services or products or personal stuff, the post must be unique and fresh. This post really offers different tips on how to write a good blog post. Really thankful to the person, who shared this post. I will try all these important tips while writing the post.

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