Opicle Technologies: Smart Strategic Affiliate Network

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Opicle is an Affiliate Marketing company and it is the most rapidly growing strategic advertising network in India.

Opicle was started in 2012 with the vision of immense growth and advancement in the field of strategic advertising.

Opicle offers tons of opportunity to the business with it’s well designed features like targeted audience and fraud management. opicle delivers profitable growth for online businesses.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the future of advertising. More and more companies are reaching towards companies like Opicle making Affiliate Marketing as their preferred choice of advertising because of it’s more secure and reliable way of business. The publishers are getting quick profit for their hard work.

Affiliate marketing is the a form of strategic marketing in which third parties are used to increase the sales of a product and for every view and purchase made to the company brought by the sole efforts of the publisher. The publisher gets rewarded with one or more affiliates for each visitor.

And with the amount of opportunities offered by Affiliate Marketing, this has resulted in the emergence of super-Affiliates, that is companies like Opicle which monitor the process and ensure the best profitable healthy growth to both, the business as well as the publisher.

Create Opportunities with Opicle

Opicle is Affiliated with over 500 active and potential bloggers and more than 150 mass recognised companies all around the world. Jabong, Flipkart, Foodpanda, NIIT, HDFC and ICICI bank are potential clients of Opicle generating great revenue and making Opicle one of the most successful strategic advertising service in the world. An independent global survey has termed Opicle as ‘One of the top Affiliate Marketing provider in the world’.

How is it beneficial for Publishers

Publishers can create loads of opportunities with the help of targeted audience and traffic. Opicle helps Publishers to customize the advertisements and contribute in maximising the profits as the users get full access on their account with no hidden terms and conditions.

Opicle is equipped with great CPI, CPS, CPA and CPC offers making it much more beneficial for the publishers. Many Publishers rely on Opicle as the main source of their income.

How is it beneficial for Advertisers

With the help of suitable publishers and right audience, Advertisers can get huge amount of increase in visits and sales. Opicle uses targeted audience showing right product to the right person resulting in profitable raise in visits.

And with Opicle’s secure and reliable and constantly updated fraud management system, Advertisers can be ensured with 100% safe and fraud free business.

Opicle’s Top features

  • Deep-linking tool: Publishers can easily deep link any specific product with the help of Opicle’s deep linking tool.
  • Quality assessment: Opicle provides globally recognized dedicate advertising managers and great CPI, CPS, CPA and CPC offers
  • 24/7 customer support: Opicle provides full dedicated customer support were the users can directly call or email Opicle support team to sort out any situation.
  • Fraud Management: Opicle is equipped with regularly updated fraud management system and a dedicated team which ensures no bogus and fraud money is earned making Opicle one of the most safe and reliable source of advertising.
  • 45 day payment cycle: Opicle dispatches payments in 45 day cycle, fraud management systems detect any bogas earning and deduct it from the 45 day earnings

Opicle’s services are based on digital media consultancy and campaign which caters almost all types of business platform. Real time tracking and detailed reports with real time data driven systems which allow publishers to get real time insights ,clicks,conversion rate,impressions and commission.

Opicle also features Web development & Mobile Apps Development for android and iOS devices. Email Marketing which covers Promotional Mailers, Transactional Mailers, Third Party Mailers etc and most of all, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing.

Opicle offers great opportunities for the growth of your business, and it is much more profitable and reliable for potential publishers than the conventional methods of advertising like Google Adsense.

Opicle’s exclusive features make it the best available strategic marketing provider in India and the list of users is growing with each passing day. Boost your business and have a great time with Opicle!!


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