What Advertisers want: 4 Factors that Attracts Advertisers to Your Blog

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 There are many ways to monetize a blog,many bloggers use Google Adsense or some sort of direct advertisements to earn from their blogs.


So here i am with my next article on ‘What Advertisers Really Look For In A Blog? and Factors that Attracts Advertisers to Your Blog?’
You will discover a lot about it after reading this article.

What an advertiser looks in your blog for advertising?

  • Blog Popularity
  • Traffic Stats
  • Single Niche
  • Alexa Rank

These are all of the factors that an advertiser looks in your blog.Now let’s study about them in detail.

1. Blog’s Popularity

It is one of the main factor that an advertiser looks for in a blog.Your blog should have decent amounts of traffic and your blog should be submitted to many top directories because advertiser looks in directories to find a blog that is suitable for his advertisement and surely he will start from directories to begin his search.If you have not yet submitted your blog to directories then you can start from here.

2. Traffic Stats

Advertisers are more interested in traffic because traffic is what will give them some clicks on the banner and through which they will receive traffic.So,if you have decent amounts of traffic then you can easily attract an advertiser towards you.The more the traffic,the more the advertiser will pay you.So,you should also focus a little bit on traffic.

3. Single Niche – read my article

Read it and you will clearly find that Single topic blog is the best to blog. Just let me give you an example:
You want to find an advertiser for you music CDs and you have following two choices:
  •  A blog that writes about music and receives 2000 visitors daily.
  • A blog that writes about music,health,and tech and receives 4000 visitors daily.

You will clearly advertise on first blog because it is based on your topic and does not write about anything else.Traffic matters,but not always.

4. Alexa Rank – Should be good

Alexa rank is again another thing that advertiser look for.If you have a good alexa rank then probably you will attract a lot of advertisers.But i don’t find alexa rank that useful though because their counting system of visitors and ranking a blog is really what i don’t like.Even if you blog receives 200 Views daily.There is a probability that none of them gets counted on alexa.You should focus though.

So,this were my recommendations on what an advertiser looks for in a blog.
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3 Responses to “What Advertisers want: 4 Factors that Attracts Advertisers to Your Blog”

  1. Qoyyuum

    Dec 27. 2014

    To be more clear, Alexa Rank is just one of the many ranks that an Advertiser would look for. If you install SEMRush extension on Chrome, it would give you more stats like Page Rank and stuff.

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  2. Muhammad Touqeer

    Jan 25. 2015

    Webmasters knows, that Alexa rank doesn’t matter, but many of the advertisers only looks for Alexa rank of sites for advertising. One of them is BsA.
    Muhammad Touqeer recently posted…Download Premium SEO Pack Best WordPress Plugin FreeMy Profile

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  3. vineet kumar

    Apr 20. 2015

    HI ,

    Again I read your blog and I am really impressed with your informative article . I got to know that Alexa rank , Blog popularity , Traffic stats are the most important things for the crowd.
    This really helped me :) and thanks a lot for sharing your views :)

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